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Garnet House Productions LLC is a full-service audio, video and image company based in Tallahassee, Florida.  Our client list includes "who's who" of the world's finest percussionists, professional ensembles from around the country, and the City of Tallahassee.  

Our services can be provided here, or we can travel to a location of your choosing.

If you're interested in looking and sounding your very best, then let's start something!
"John Parks and the GHP team exceeded my expectations!  It's hard to find people as obsessed with quality and attention to detail as I am, and I'm positive my project would not have turned out as well without them."
--Will James, Principal Percussionist, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

"John Parks is a wizard.  At every point in the preparation and recording process his enthusiasm and dedication to excellence inspired perfection in performance."
--Adam Silverman, Composer

"Rare is the bird that possesses contemporary engineering techniques, the sensitivity of a musician, and the technical experience of the most refined professional percussionist and conductor.  That's exactly what you get with John Parks and Garnet House.  It shows in the results, capturing the passion he brings to his work."
--Jim Casella, Composer, Co-Founder of Tapspace

"The Garnet House Productions team have set the new standard for percussion recordings;  their uncompromising pursuit of perfection make them the only choice for my projects!"
--Scott Herring, Professor of Percussion, University of South Carolina

"I loved working with John and the GHP team, and am most grateful for the top-notch recording they created.  Their incredible ears and expert feedback gave me a sense of peace and enjoyment throughout."
--Becki Walenz, Trumpet Performer and Educator

"Making great recordings is easy when you have an engineer with deep knowledge of technology, the ability to hear the smallest details, and an incredible command of musical style and theory." 
--Blake Tyson, Professor of Percussion, University of Central Arkansas

"When you combine the best ears in our field with state-of-the-art technology, the result is both a gratifying in-studio experience and a recording of peerless quality and craftsmanship."  
--Omar Carmenates, Professor of Percussion, Furman University

"John was continually obsessed and determined to capture every nuance in my playing.  His experience as a percussionist combined with stellar equipment and knowledge is a rare and perfect combination."
--Thomas Burritt, Professor of Percussion, The University of Texas
Our staff is what makes the Garnet House experience so special.  From the very beginning of your project until delivery, you will deal with the best people--period.  For more information, simply click on the images below.  We look forward to meeting you!
Enjoy some sights and sounds from recent projects! 
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